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Kulchured Mixtapes



“Miles Morales”- Mega Ran (First Single)

Veteran MC of the underground, pop culture, hip hop scene, Random aka Mega Ran, drops a hot single with his crew Tribe One and Jermiside. The single is produced by DN3. It’s a great track that talks about how just like  Miles Morales, we often have many “miles” to go to reach our goals and live up to our potential. Great play on words by Mega Ran and his crew.


“Super Villains”- PLAGA & Pooday Pete (Second Single)

Ever wanted to know what villains would be like if they had a little more hood in their game?  PLAGA & Pooday Pete answer that question as they go all in on the second single from the Kulchured Mixtape. This track will definitely keep you going until we drop the whole mixtape next week.


About the Mixtape

“Pop Culture. We love it. From our favorite movies and video games, to the superheroes that inspired us growing up as kids, Pop Culture surrounds us every day and gives us a break from the daily grind of work, bills, and the other ‘responsibilities’ of being a grown up.”

This Is Not a Nerdcore Mixtape explores the world of pop culture in an exciting way- through the genre of “Nerdcore”, featuring uniquely entertaining Hip-Hop celebrating our love of comic books, video games, movies and other forms of pop culture via the eyes, minds, and voices of the artists and producers appearing on the mixtape. Making appearances on on the mixtape are tracks by industry game changer Smoothe Da Hustler, as well as pop culture veteran MCs Ryu Black (MeccaGodzilla) and Mega Ran (Random), featuring production by Drum and Bass legend DJ Wally aka Pish Posh.

Not Nerdcore is created to celebrate all that people love about pop culture! So kick back, relax, and enjoy!


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