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Kulchured Networks

Kulchured Networks is the premier destination of properties for the highly influential, urban set of pop culture enthusiasts. Our family of properties are carefully developed and curated to give in depth information which allows our audience to hear the latest news and opinions on everything from big summer blockbusters, to the latest digital comic books and video games, to fashion, food, tech trends, and more.

The goal of our properties is to give our fans a centralized place  to get your pop culture insight, allowing us to go in depth and create an ongoing conversation about all the things they love.


Authentic features interviews with artists, whether it be articles, how to draw videos, behind the scenes interviews, panel lectures and discussions we host, Authentic’s goal is to give Pop Culture Fans behind the scenes access to artists and creators, providing audiences direct glimpse into their world. Through these various interludes into creators thoughts and peaks into the creative process Authentic hopes to explore the intersection of comic book media, urban culture, and the lo-fi art movement.


Knuff Said

Knuff Said features opinions and commentary from the urban hip hop comic fan perspective. The podcast is a mix of talk format, interviews, straight talk, and irreverent conversations for the Hip Hop / Comic purists, who love comics and hip hop, and can just as easily tell the difference between the Grey Hulk and the Green, as they can a pair of fake Jordans, and posers who think they know comic books but call it animation.